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  • Kil-DengueDownload


    2015-01-13 | 40.98MB

    Use our i9s environment friendly Kil-Dengue App with patented rotated sound frequencies to effective...

  • EseeCloudDownload


    2016-01-27 | 18.66MB

    EseeCloud-- Remote view for 24 hours in Mobile APP. With concise and fashion GUI, support ...

  • WowBoxDownload


    2017-05-13 | 8.55MB

    WowBox is a lifestyle app that brings a new way to experience the internet. It's made exclusively fo...

  • Kaki Drama - WatchMeDownload

    Kaki Drama - WatchMe

    2017-06-29 | 7.69MB

    Portal Video Percuma Nombor #1 Di Malaysia! Nikmati hiburan berterusan tanpa henti & pelbagai kejut...

  • Vybe Pro - Custom VibrationsDownload

    Vybe Pro - Custom Vibrations

    2015-10-10 | 6857687

    Create custom vibration patterns for your contacts and know who’s calling or messaging without looki...

  • 3D Interior Room DesignDownload

    3D Interior Room Design

    2015-05-20 | 10202644

    Version 2.5.0 Design tool Udesignit Decoration 3D is a residential interior designing software, fast...

  • Beautiful Clock Widget ProDownload

    Beautiful Clock Widget Pro

    2015-05-29 | 5840568

    Beautiful Clock Widget is the most beautiful clock widget on Android home screen. It includes a coll...

  • Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) - ProDownload

    Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) - Pro

    2015-12-08 | 8598323

    ■ "World's Most Annoying Alarm App, featured by Cnet, Gizmodo,Huffington post etc." ■ #1 in the cate...

  • Secret Diary Notes Journal PRODownload

    Secret Diary Notes Journal PRO

    2015-11-06 | 10192158

    Welcome to Life Diary PRO - A fully customizable, ad-free and location aware secret diary / journal ...

  • Spirifone REAL-TIME EVP RECORDDownload


    2015-11-27 | 598097

    From the creator of the popular SpiritVox comes The \"Spirifone\" REAL-TIME EVP RECORDER! Built for ...

  • Chinese Almanac CalendarDownload

    Chinese Almanac Calendar

    2015-12-09 | 11072962

    Chinese Calendar is rumoured to be written by the Yellow Emperor, a legendary ruler. It has been cha...

  • Magnifier & Microscope+ [Cozy]Download

    Magnifier & Microscope+ [Cozy]

    2015-12-10 | 1289748

    This app turns your phone into a digital magnifier. You don\'t need to carry a magnifier anymore. *...

  • Alarm Plus MilleniumDownload

    Alarm Plus Millenium

    2015-12-19 | 15466496

    **LIMITED OFFER: 75% OFF** Alarm Plus Millenium is more than an alarm clock; it includes four wonder...

  • Jai Ganesha : Aarti Mantra HD!Download

    Jai Ganesha : Aarti Mantra HD!

    2014-07-02 | 3.09MB

    Ultimate FREE offline hymn book with the famous devotional bhajan for Lord Ganesha (Also called as V...

  • AT&T Digital LifeDownload

    AT&T Digital Life

    2014-07-02 | 12.17MB

    Stay connected and in control. This app lets AT&T Digital Life customers view and control their Digi...

  • WakeVoice - vocal alarm clockDownload

    WakeVoice - vocal alarm clock

    2015-11-24 | 6899630

    * As seen on TV! * * Free demo version available * * New: compatibility with Google Now * * New home...

  • Water SoundsDownload

    Water Sounds

    2014-07-02 | 6.7MB

    Water sounds to help you relax or go to sleep. Includes 5 water sound recordings. Timer enabled s...

  • Rain Sounds for SleepDownload

    Rain Sounds for Sleep

    2014-07-02 | 19.69MB

    Rain sounds and thunderstorm sounds to help you relax or go to sleep. Includes two 12 minute long be...

  • Forest Sounds to RelaxDownload

    Forest Sounds to Relax

    2014-07-02 | 23.16MB

    Forest sounds to help you relax or go to sleep. 6 beautiful long natural recordings of several fores...

  • FireplaceDownload


    2014-07-02 | 7.33MB

    Fireplace sounds and beautiful photos to help you relax or go to sleep. 7 different beautiful natura...

  • Braided HairstylesDownload

    Braided Hairstyles

    2014-07-02 | 7.62MB

    If you like braided hairstyles, our braided hairstyles app is perfct for you. Download the app and f...

  • Wifi-password GeneratorDownload

    Wifi-password Generator

    2014-07-02 | 1.34MB

    Wifi-password Generator is the great application to generate passwords for your access point. You ca...

  • Muslims Prayer TimeDownload

    Muslims Prayer Time

    2014-07-02 | 1.91MB

    ~~~Prayer Times~~~ Salat Times for All Places in the World- A Unique App on Play Store with lot of F...

  • LnwShopDownload


    2014-07-02 | 3.97MB

    Try the new shopping experience, LnwShop Application FREE DOWNLOAD !! = Hundred thousand shops with ...

  • SureFire Alarm Clock PlusDownload

    SureFire Alarm Clock Plus

    2015-10-10 | 10611589

    3 DAY SALE $1.99. Now with widget! Inspiring design, features such as internet radio, game and math ...

  • SAS Survival GuideDownload

    SAS Survival Guide

    2015-12-30 | 26518487

    For over twenty years, the SAS Survival Guide has been the definitive guide to surviving any situati...

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